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1. Content of the online offer

The Author does not guarantee for the timeliness, correctitude, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims towards the Author, which refers to material or immaterial damages out of use or non-use of information provided, respectively out of use of defective and incomplete information, are basically excluded, unless there is no demonstrable deliberate or grossly negligent default on part of the author.
All offers are subject to change and noncommitabel. The author reserves the right to change, to add or to delete parts, pages or the complete offer without a separate advertisement, or to discontinue the proceedings intermitted or conclusive.

2. Reference and links

A liability will only become effective with direct or indirect references to external Internet sites („links“) which are beyond the area of accountability of the author, if he has knowledge of the contents and he would technically be able or it is reasonable for him to avoid the use of illegal contents.
The author declares specifically, that by the time of placing the link no illegal contents on the linked sites have been perceptible. The Author has no influence on the current and prospective design, the content or the authorship of the linked sides. Therefore he dissociates emphatically from all contents of the linked sites, which are changed after setting the link. This declaration is valid for all links and references within the own internet offer as well as for all external insertion in the guestbook arranged by the Author, for discussion forums and mailing lists. For illegal, defective or incomplete contents and especially for damages, caused by use or disuse of such presented information, only the provider of these sides to which has been referred will be liable – not He who just refers to this publication.

3. Copyright and registered Trademark

The Author is anxious to pay attention to Copyrights and Registered Trademarks of all used elements like pictures, graphics, sounds, movies and text files. Also he is anxious to use his self created elements like pictures, graphics, sounds, movies and text files or to use freeware elements like pictures, graphics, sounds, movies and text files.
All in the internet established brands und Registered Trademarks are absolute subject to conditions of the effective rights of Trademark and Rights of Ownership of the Respective Registered Owner. Only because of the merely mention it can not be educed that Registered Trademarks are not trademarked by rights of a third party!
The Author is the only holder of the copyright for released and self created objects. The right to reproduction or usage of any pictures, graphics, sounds, movies (sequences) and text files for other electronic or printed publications without affirmation of the author is not permitted.

4. Protection of Data Privacy

The divulgation of personal data of the user is always an unsolicited act, in case that it is possible to make individual or business entries (email, name, address) inside of the internet content. The claming and payment of all offered internet services is possible without declaration of such data, stating of anonymous data or by a pseudonym – if technically possible and reasonable. The usage of published data within the scope of imprint or comparable information like addresses, phone and fax numbers or email addresses is a third party not authorized to data to be circulated. The Author is reserve the right to initiate legal measures to the sender of so-called spam emails in case of offenses.

5. Legal Effect of this Disclaimer

This Disclaimer is as a part of the internet content for the case that the user is referred by a linked from other internet side. If parts or some phrases of this imprint are not or not longer conform to the actual legal status, the complete rest content of this document is still thereof unaffected.